What Is Erratas? Full Explanation.


Erratas is alleged to be the name of a mysterious computer algorithm with the main focus of mass surveying the public. Erratas is thought to be used by various companies in a similar way to a content ID system on Youtube. Erratas is thought to monitor the internet and delete any traces of itself. The photo that is often associated with this mystery is a computer-generated photo of the Maui Rape suspect.

This conspiracy theory stems from 4chan on the /x/ board. Erratas was an ARG to promote music from DJ Rozwell.

The origin of the topic dates back to November 25th, 2015 when a user on 4chan made the following post.

Anonymous Wed 25 Nov 2015 22:26:23 No.17010929ReportQuoted By: >>17011003>>17011066>>17012016>>17024796>>17010848
Okay, just a heads-up, I’m only 20 and have only ever worked retail jobs my whole life. If I get terminology wrong it’s not because I’m bullsh-, it’s because most of what she described is out of my frame of reference, I’ll be honest.

She’s a super interesting chick, during this period she was homeless and in a band. Her temp agency gave her a job at this place that was closing down all their locations in the country and basically it was well-known that they were shady and generally treated their employees like cattle. Like they were in the process of cutting down all their full-timers to shit hours, replacing them with temps, and having the temps do exactly the same work for like $10 an hour. Everything was really disorganized by this point and different departments were scattered everywhere and they were just getting everyone to do whatever work they could give them before they’d fire them.

They had a programming department that made payroll programs for other companies or something along those lines, but by the time she got there it was just literally one dude, and they were giving him random jobs to do like working assembly lines and running forklifts. They put her and this dude in a room, gave them a couple tape guns, and had them pack stuff in boxes. Most stuff there had the names of their respective departments written on them in sharpie, but hers said “Eratas” on it (or however the f— it’s spelled). The dude told her to get rid of the tape gun and not to mention it to any supervisors, since apparently one of his jobs years before had been writing code to flag any employee that searched for it in their computer system. Not any old word, just that one. And they’d fire you if you got flagged. Weird sh-

The Rabbit Hole

The rabbit hole involved in this ARG includes the following:

  • One includes a twitter page from Tod Ellsworth, which is an anagram for “The Lost World”, he is referenced in a band called KFC murder chicks.
  • KFC murder chicks are discovered in the rabbit hole from a user by the name of ChronosForLife and their music can be found on a youtube channel by Tod Ellsworth.
  • ChronosForLife uploaded a tribute of the Jurassic Park movie supposedly Erratas has been taking down his videos.

ChronosForLife also adds much more to the story in a Pastebin, in which he answers various questions.

Supposedly he was being targeted by Erratas and in a video called “Here Goes Nothing” he talks about baiting out the algorithm.

Erratas Fights Back

In 2016 4chan users claimed to have gotten banned for posting about this individual keyword. Likely this was a joke, but the idea was that the algorithm had infected 4chan and was trying to censor itself.

A user by the name of “Exer Erb” claims to have had their youtube channel deleted after uploading a video trying to explain the mystery. However, a reupload remains, likely this was someone playing into the ARG.


The peak interest in Erratas comes from a video from BlameItOnJorge, this video went viral in September of 2019.

Soon after another video was uploaded by Nexpo

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